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DFMFC Centralia 2017

We need to go that way me

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jeep Guts

New Guest Bike-The 2008 Honda CRF230L...from this century

Desert Rambling .....

......on a gigantic motorcycle with a radio, cruise control, heated grips,  a windshield,  fairings, and an excellent Co-pilot

Club Representation

Natural Beauty...also me and some mountains

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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In Search of....The Yellow Submarine-Part One

NOT THIS ONE........

........THIS ONE:

 Quester I is a submarine built in 1967 by Jerry Bianco a welder who worked in the  Brooklyn Navy Yard

He planned to use the sub to raise the wreck of the passenger ship SS Andrea Doria.

The sub was launched from a crane in 1970. Due to some confusion between the crane operator and Bianco, the sub was lowered all the way into the water without proper ballast.

Quester 1 tilted severely to one side and could not be launched. The sub didn't actually sink or get stuck in the mud as is commonly thought.

Later on Bianco was able to refill the missing ballast and right the sub but it was too late. His investors bailed on him and public enthusiasm cooled. Seems you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Jerry Bianco moored the little craft behind his house on the creek and used it now and again for fishing or tug operations. It broke its mooring during a storm in 75 or 80 (accounts vary) and came to its final rest at the mouth of the Coney Island Creek


Where the hell is this thing and what does it look like now?

 From the maps online it looks to be in a little ships graveyard at the mouth of the Coney Island Creek :

 Zoom in a little more........

Time to take a ride out to Coney Island..........

Part two coming soon.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Greatest of All Time

Rest in Peace Champ

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